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Coffee - a fruit that has special organoleptic qualities - is directly related to the senses of sight, smell and taste.

Its essence, when well extracted, generates many health benefits and the particularities of its preparation transform a good coffee into a true art.

BRASITÁLIA through studies, trainings, courses and technical capacitation carried out not only in Brazil but also in Italy, sought to create its own identity, taking into account all aspects in the personalized training of its product line that we call ESSENZA.

BRASITÁLIA has exclusivity for the commercialization of professional espresso coffee machines of the Italian brand PROMAC - with proven quality worldwide - for Brazil and South America.

To extract the maximum essence of coffee, BRASITÁLIA proposes to disseminate and teach about coffee and its preparation, providing courses and training with experienced and recognized professionals in the national market.

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Brasitália: one idea.

Building our history with Science and art

Our history stars when people who had already done several entrepreneurial initiatives and accumulated some business experiences, decided to study and learn more about the art of coffee. The tasting of good coffee and the knowledge of the processes involved in this art ended up becoming a passion. To share what they learned, they founded in 2010 BRASITÁLIA, a company concerned with the maximum essence of coffee. This was how Brasitália Máquinas e Cafés was born.

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Adding technical knowledge, improving the financial result of our partners, through a significant increase in yield and quality of coffee, giving its customers a taste with an absolutely superior flavor.


To be seen as a reliable reference in espresso coffee, a revealing source throughout South America of the Italian techniques of extraction of the maximum essence of the grain.




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